Bar-top Cork Stoppers

Our speciality is producing bar-top cork stoppers, but we also produce corks for other purposes such as:

Over the last 10 years in particular much more rigorous testing has been introduced to cork closure and stopper manufacturing in part in response to the threat of synthetic closures and stoppers. There is also a much broader range of stoppers available from cork suppliers and we can guide you through the options.

Much of our work at CorkLink is in producing custom corks for our clients as we are not a massive volume supplier, so our speciality is mainly for bar-top corks, where we are able to supply a broad range of capsules in wood and plastic with a variety of finishes and branding options.

The reliability of cork has been much improved and we are committed to delivering the latest scientific techniques to guarantee the quality of our products both in terms of the production process and laboratory analysis. Find out more about what kinds of cork stoppers are available here.

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