Micro-agglomerated corks supplier


Micro-agglomerated corks are a recent advance in the industry that compared to standard agglomerated corks give:
– more elasticity,
– greater consistency/reliability
– easier extraction
– a more uniform appearance
– smoother feel
– virtually zero TCA

Granules sizes are around 0.5-2.0mm and are bonded using food-grade binding agents, to make them extremely safe.

They are appropriate for wines that are going to be stored for less than 3 years, as they do not have the more open pore structure of natural corks that allow more oxygen to enter the bottle to promote the maturation of the wine. Micro-agglomerated cork stoppers will give low and very consistent oxygen transmission rates, which will help to preserve fruit characteristics in the wine.

Micro-agglomerated corks are a significantly lower-priced alternative to natural corks, but a far more attractive looking option to screw caps or synthetic alternatives as well as coming from a completely sustainable natural source.

Please contact us for more information about the options we have available.