Cork lids


We make cork lids for jars, pots and other packaging mainly in agglomerated cork, but also natural cork. Generally cork lids are either made in either a conical or lipped format.


Agglomerated conical cork

Conical corks – can be made in pretty much any size and they are more simple to manufacture which helps keep the price down. Sizing of conical corks is very important as you will generally want to have at least 15mm of the cork protruding from the jar so that it is easy to remove. If the diameter of the cork is undersized they will tend to be inserted to deep leaving insufficient height of the cork outside of the jar to be gripped.


Agglomerated lipped cork lid

Lipped corks – the lip prevents the cork lid from being over inserted and is therefore always easy to grip. This means that a shallower lid can be used than is typical for conical corks, so the jar can be filled higher. Getting the fit exactly right is also very important as with a shallower depth to the lid, there is only a small tolerance.

natural cork lid

Natural cork lid

Agglomerated or natural – agglomerated cork is made from small granules of cork that have been glued together, whilst natural cork for lids is made from sheets of natural cork that have been bonded together. The natural cork gives a more organic look, with a rougher feel and various imperfections reflecting the natural form of the cork bark as it comes off the tree, whilst agglomerated cork is completely uniform. Natural cork lids will typically work out at around three times more expensive than agglomerated cork lids.

If you would like to get some cork lids made, then please contact us for pricing – if you then decide to go ahead with an order we would strongly recommend that you send us a sample of your jar/pot so that we can get the sizing of the cork exactly right. Don’t forget that cork compresses as it inserts, so the only way to get the sizing exactly right is to try out some different sized lids. Typically our minimum order quantity is 1000 units, although there can be some exceptions.