Natural bonded cork or agglomerated cork for conical stoppers?

When making cork lids and larger stoppers for jars, candle holders, jugs etc, you essentially have two options if you decide to go with cork. The more stand option is agglomerated cork which will look like the image above.

If you would prefer to go for a lipped cork option (which allows for a shallower cork depth and looks more like a lid) it should look like this:

The other option is to go for natural bonded cork: so whilst agglomerated cork is made from tiny cork granules that are glued together, bonded cork is made from 1cm thick strips of natural cork that are glued together, to give a more organic look:

The natural bonded corks look fantastic, but because they have to be made with good quality natural cork and require a lot of work to produce, they are expensive! In fact they will typically work out around three times more expensive than agglomerated conical corks. We advise all of our new clients to send us a sample of the jar where they are going to use their conical cork so that we can test it and make sure we supply exactly the right size of cork, with a fit that is tight enough to give a good seal, but not too tight to make it difficult to remove.

You can see all of our standard conical cork sizes here, but we can also make corks in pretty much any size, according to your requirements.