Agglomerated & natural options for conical corks

We supply a complete range of conical corks sizes direct from Portugal, from size 000 (6.3/4.0 x 12.7mm) up to very large conical corks with a diameter of 20cm+. We can also do custom sizes and conical corks with holes or even one piece bar-top style corks as shown in the photo:

mini bar top conical corks

You can see here the normal finish options – agglomerated, natural and bleached natural. For smaller corks, natural corks are only a little more expensive than agglomerated corks; this is because we are able to make them from rejected natural wine corks, which are trimmed down to size. For larger conical corks with a top diameter of 24mm or larger (the standard diameter of wine corks), they cannot be made from reject wine corks, so become considerably more expensive than agglomerated cork.

For larger conical corks we have a new options which is agglomerated cork body with natural cork discs attached to the two ends. So the cork gives the appearance of being natural cork except when viewed from the side, but is less than half the price of 100% natural conical corks. Here you can see what they look like:
agglomerated conical corks natural ends