Supplier of lipped cork stoppers


We supply conical cork stoppers of a wide range of sizes, starting from a few mms up to 20cm. As well as making conical corks in standard sizes and custom sizes, we also produced lipped cork lids such as the one shown in the image below. These corks generally have a shallower penetration into the jar or pot that they are sealing and are typically easier to remove than standard conical corks.

lipped cork stopper

We produce a lot of cork lids for jars for candles and other household items, either lipped cork lids or with different conical/tapered corks sizes. If you are looking for a cork lid, then the best advice is to send us a sample of your jar or glass and we will measure it up to make sure the sizing is perfect. Getting the sizing right means that you have to allow for the compression of the cork that will give it a snug fit and also ensuring that the cork lid is easy to grip and remove (if insufficient cork is left sticking out, then it can be difficult to remove – likewise if too much cork is penetrating into the jar, it can take up too much space inside the jar). If you are looking for either conventional cork stoppers or cork lids or something a little different, please get in touch and hopefully we will be able to supply what you are looking for.