Tapered corks manufacturer


We supply tapered cork stoppers in a variety of standard sizes and we can also produce custom tapered corks to pretty much any specification you require. As well as different sizes, we can also produce tapered corks with centre holes and made from agglomerated, micro-agglomerated or natural cork and as with all cork, there are different quality grades available depending how much you wish to spend. We can also add branding on your tapered corks, adding brand/product names or logos.

Larger tapered corks are made using a punch which punches the corks out of strips of the agglomerated or natural cork. For this reason, custom sized tapered corks may require new tooling, which can make them more expensive, depending on the total quantities you require. Meanwhile smaller tapered corks can be made by grinding down rejected wine corks, which can make them much less expensive to produce. You can see the standard sizes of tapered corks here, but we can make tapered corks in other sizes if required.

Tapered corks are used in all sorts of industries such as: pottery & ceramics, candle jars, spice jars and tubes, condiment dispensers,test tubes & glassware, health & beauty bottles, construction – the list is endless, so please contact CorkLink if you would like us to quote you for your requirements.