Technical / 1+1 corks supplier

1+1 technical corks

1+1 corks are made from an agglomerated cork body with natural cork discs glued on to each end. So natural cork will be displayed to the consumer when about to open the bottle and will also be in contact with the wine in the bottle.

Agglomerated cork is a good deal less costly than natural cork, so by just using two natural cork discs rather than an entire cork made from natural corks, prices are reduced dramatically (typically a 1+1 cork will cost less than half than a natural cork, depending on quality). For wines that are going to spend less than 4 years in the bottle, they are a good solution, as although they will not provide such a good seal as a full natural cork, the disc at the bottom of the cork will seal the bottle effectively (better than a 100% agglomerated cork would).

Although the majority of technical corks sold are 1+1 (that is with one natural cork disc at either end), there is also available 2+0 (two natural cork discs on one end and none on the other) and 2+2 (two natural cork discs on both ends). The discs are graded either A, B or C and in the photo you can see from left to right examples of A, B and C corks –  you will see that the surface of the A grade disc has far fewer imperfections than the C grade disc).

The standard sizing is 44×23.5mm and an indicative price per thousand would be around 80 euros per thousand, depending on the grade and volumes. If you would like us to quote you for your requirements or would like to see some samples, please get in touch with us at CorkLink.