Granulated cork

Granulated cork is used for a wide variety of applications and can be supplied at a wide range of mesh sizes and densities, ranging from fine powder to 12mm chips. Cork granules can be used to make composite cork products, sports field infill, a soil conditioner,agglomerated wine corks, cork flooring, brake shoes, clutch plates, shoe soles, insulation cork blocks and … Read More

Moulded Cork Products

Agglomerated cork can be moulded into almost any shape and by using different binders and cork granules, the moulded cork products can have a wide variety or properties, made to be for example heat resistant, soft, hard-wearing or whatever the particular requirement may be. Moulded cork has been used to make a variety of household and industrial objects, sometimes just … Read More

Cork leather

Cork leather is a relatively recent innovation and by blending cork with other materials it is possible to use the natural beauty and intrinsic qualities of cork in a flexible and durable fabric that is. It can be supplied in a wide variety of textures and patterns, which can either bring out the natural beauty of the cork or use … Read More

Used port wine barrels

We supply used port wine barrels that have been completely refurbished using only original wood to distillers who require used fortified wine barrels to finish the ageing of their whisky. The stock we carry varies, but typically we have refurbished 225, 250 and 500 litre ex tawny port and ex ruby port barrels, as well as muscatel, sherry and madeira … Read More

Cork rolls and sheets

Different cork grain sizes and different binders are used create composition cork rolls and sheets in grades and appearances for different purposes and uses. We can make composite rolls and sheets to satisfy more or less any requirements even if they are not a standardized specification. We supply cork roll for underlay and insulation in sizes of 2mm to 8mm … Read More

Expanded cork

Expanded cork is a 100% natural product commonly used for insulation in the form of Insulation Cork Board (ICB). We supply expanded cork boards in a range of thicknesses from 10mm up to 300mm and also expanded cork granules in a range of different granule sizes. Expanded cork is made from cork that is too resinous to be used for … Read More

Cork flooring/underlay

Cork floors have moved on an enormous amount in recent years to offer clients a seemingly endless array of choices that bring out the natural beauty of cork together with its natural insulating properties together with an increasingly easy application. Cork flooring can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes and it can offer: environmentally friendly natural flooring underfoot … Read More

Cork stoppers


Cork closures and stoppers are available in an endless array of sizes and specifications, using natural and composite cork. Some examples of the kind of corks we can supply are: Champagne Corks Custom Printed Cork Stoppers Custom / Specialty Cork Stoppers Colmated corks Laboratory Corks Capsulated Corks / Bar-top corks (Plastic and Wood Top) Tapered / Conical Corks Natural Cork … Read More