Sparkling wine/champagne corks supplier information


Premium quality sparkling wine/champagne cork stoppers are considered technical corks as they constitute an agglomerate cork granule body to which natural cork disks are glued. The natural cork disks are at the bottom side of the cork to be exposed to the sparkling wine, with the agglomerate granulated part of the cork forming the main body and then mushrooming out over the top of the bottle. Lower quality sparkling wine corks can be made entirely from agglomerated granules (that is without the natural cork disks).

Sparkling wine/champagne cork stoppers have a larger diameter than standard cork wine stoppers to resist the higher internal pressure generated gasified wines. Prior to insertion in the bottle a champagne cork will be around 50% wider than the bottle neck, so it requires significant compression to insert; this compression helps to give an airtight fit.

Producing champagne corks is complex because the cork is made up of different parts and has to be made to very precise specifications so that it will preserve the contents of the bottle and be easy to pop when the time comes to drink it.

We can provide sparkling wine/champagne corks with various specifications, and please contact us for a quotation.