Bar-top or T-Top corks supplier recommendations


We supply a lot of custom Bar-top or T-Top corks (also known as capsulated closures) – we can make most specifications that clients require and we can provide a wide variety of custom options.

More and more spirits manufacturers are opting for micro-agglomerated corks, which are fine for non-premium products, but is seems a real shame for premium brands to save a few euros on their closure by not opting for natural cork: whilst micro-agglomerated cork can provide an effective closure for spirits bottles that are kept upright and not stored for years, a natural cork conveys quality rather than the more synthetic look of micro-agglomerated. Here you can read about what kind of cork you should use for bar-top stoppers.

We do have a wide variety of moulds (molds in American) for standard capsules in either plastic, wood or even metal, glass, cermamic or agglomerated cork, but we are always happy to make a mould up specific to a customer. Whilst customers are generally comfortable with the kind of capsule that they require, choosing the best cork is more difficult. For smaller orders that do not use standard sizes, beech wood bar-tops tend to make the most sense as it will give you the biggest range of options.

We always prefer to see a sample of several bottles so that we can recommend the cork dimensions – glass bottles typically have a fairly wide tolerance so we need to sample several bottles before we can give our recommendation. We will take you sample bottles and analyse the neck profiles to within fractions of a millimetre and then we can stipulate the maximum and minimum cork length and diameter that we would recommend – it then comes down to customer choice whether they prefer a tighter or looser fit to the cork stopper. You can read more about sizing bar-top corks here.

If you have any questions or require a quotation for your Bar-top corks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.