Capsulated corks supplier


Capsulated corks (also known as bar-top corks) can be natural or agglomerated stoppers normally with a wooden or plastic top glued on to the cork to allow easy opening and resealing without using a corkscrew. You will see them used for spirits and fortified wines. There are endless options available, in terms of the cork itself to be used and the cap on the top and the price can vary enormously depending on the specification.

The most common wood that is used for the caps is beech, but higher end capsulated corks can use more expensive options. Beech is a great option to go with however, as it has an attractive grain, it gives a very smooth finish, can be easily stained or printed and it is very robust. Here at CorkLink we have the expertise to offer a broad range of bar-top cork solutions, from short run limited editions to more standardized bulk orders. If you have any doubts about which capsulated cork would be the best option for your product, then please just ask us and we will give our recommendation.

Unlike normal wine corks, capsulated corks do not need to have a diameter 6 mm larger than the internal diameter of the bottleneck, as the fit does not need to be so tight to allow the cork to be removed and reinserted easily. Generally approximately a 2mm difference in diameter is used.