Moulded / Molded cork supplier


There have been a lot of advances in the moulded (or molded for USA readers!) cork sector recently. Essentially the process works by mixing micro-agglomerated cork granules (less than 2mm) with a powerful adhesive and then poured into a mould and submitted to high pressure so that it sets. This allows us to make all sorts of things out of cork (tableware, shoes, housewares, decorative objects and so on), which have all the unique properties of cork as well as the aesthetic appeal.

If you are interested in developing a molded cork product, then in most cases we would design a mould specific for you the product (which will generally cost over 2000 euros, depending on the complexity) and in this sense is works much like making a moulded plastic product.

You can make quite fine details in moulded cork and it is robust and heat resistant, so there are a broad range of applications that it can be used for. If you would like to find out more about moulded cork products and for a quotation for your product please get in touch with us at CorkLink.