How cork is harvested

Cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree – every 9 years the bark of the tree is removed using a sharp axe and a lot of skill and the cork oak is one of the only trees in the world that can survive having its bark removed.The skill is to peel off slabs of bark without damaging the tree underneath it, so that the bark will generate for another harvest 9 years later. The fact that cork oaks are not felled in order for the cork to be produced is an important reason as to why cork is such an environmentally friendly product; in an age where we are trying to move away from plastic and synthetic packaging, using natural cork for your wine bottles or for other cork products production is just one way that consumers can live a more sustainable lifestyle. Here is a short video that shows just how the cork is removed from the cork oak.

70% of the world’s cork is produced in Portugal and if you are looking for a cork product supplier, please contact us.