Expanded cork granules supplier

When expanded cork boards are initially produced in autoclaves with a size of 1000x500x300mm, sometimes the natural resin that binds the granules together has a fault line in it and the block will break. The same can happen when these large blocks are cut to size to make boards. So this expanded cork cannot be used to make boards, so we regranulate it to produce expanded cork granules in a variety of sizes.

These granules are mainly used for adding to cement to make lightweight/insulating concrete, used as an insulating filler in cavities and even used for special effects in films to substitute rubble in explosions and so on. The density is 72 kg/m3 and generally we supply in sacks of 0.25 m3 (approx. 18kg).

Expanded cork is a 100% natural product that is made from the bark of cork trees from the unique cork forests of Portugal – no trees are cut down in the production of expanded cork (only the bark of the tree is removed, which over time regenerates).

We provide expanded cork granules in the following sizes and prices:
0.5-2mm – €104/m3
3-15mm – €104/m3
2-4mm – €121/m3
2-9mm – €104/m3
4-8mm – €114/m3

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