Cork composite products for domestic use


Cork has a long history of being used as a natural insulation product, providing thermal, acoustic and vibration insulation as well as being naturally fire-retardant, resistant to rot and mold and non-toxic; furthermore it is a completely renewable source as only the bark of the tree is used to make cork and the tree itself survives. It is supplied in a wide variety of formats: expanded cork slabs or boards, cork rolls, cork granules or as moulded cork and densities vary from 110 to 130 kg/m3 with an average mechanical resistance of 2.2 kg/m2.

For home use, cork composites are most commonly used as, cork flooring, and cork floor underlay under hardwood and ceramic floors, but are now increasingly being used as wall coverings as a wider variety of patterned cork wall coverings are becoming available.

We supply a complete range of cork products for domestic use from basic insulation boards and granules to premium quality cork floors and even cork wallpaper. Please contact us if you require any further information.