Buy cork direct from Portugal


Something like 70% of the world’s cork comes from Portugal and given the worldwide connectivity that the internet gives us and very competitive international transportation rates, it makes sense to consider buying your cork direct from Portugal and not from a national distributor from your country.

Here at CorkLink we run a low-cost business model, for three reasons:
– our stock is already held in the local factories where it is manufactured, so we do not have any additional cost for financing or warehousing
– we are based in Portugal, which is a low cost country anyway, so our overhead costs are much lower than in richer countries
– being based in Portugal we have an intimate connection with the complete cork supply chain, so we know that we are always getting the best quality and price

So for example our prices for expanded cork boards are typically half that charged in northern Europe (so our 20mm cork board is €5.17 per m2 and 50mm board €11.76 per m2). Admittedly you would have transportation costs to northern Europe on top of this, but typically this would only work out at around 30% of the cost of the cork and national suppliers will still charge something for transportation.

The same is true of cork granules, cork stoppers, cork underlay and so on – at CorkLink even though we generally sell only to wholesale, we can provide competitive prices even for mid-sized domestic orders. Please contact us for more information and find out how much you can save by buying cork direct from Portugal.