Cork as an environmentally friendly choice

It is great to see people from outside the cork industry talk about the benefits to the planet of using cork rather than synthetic alternatives – this is true for cork closures for wine bottles and of course for its other uses such as insulation or flooring. Elizabeth Royte has recently written a fantastic article for onearth magazine , in which she talks about a visit to Portugal’s cork forests and how the cork industry is winning a battle to demonstrate the environmental benefits of using cork. In the article she talks about the low carbon footprint of cork closures relative to aluminium or plastic, the success that the cork industry has had in all but eliminating cork taint (technically known as TCA) from cork closures and how important it is to preserve the unique ecosystem that the cork forests nourish and protect.

So a great article and something for environmentally aware consumers to think about when they want to choose between buying wine with a synthetic closure or with natural cork!